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Workshops with our social simulations

Map with places where Centre for Systems Solutions held their workshops

The Centre for Systems Solutions has been engaged in designing serious games and social simulations for over 13 years now. Our team consists of highly specialized moderators that have gained their experience at numerous events, in many countries, and on different continents. We run workshops based on our games and simulations for very diverse groups and in a variety of contexts. It may be thematic conferences, conventions or seminars (Balaton Group Meeting, Alpbach Forum, Basin Knowledge Forum, etc.) Our recipients come also from task groups – they constitute employees of institutions, organizations or companies, that is, the stakeholders that are regularly faced with complex problems on a regional, national or global scale (OECD, African Development Bank, Universities). Finally, we are also targeted at educators and students occupied with various aspects of sustainable development.

The current version of the Nexus Game is ready to use in English. However, we are open to prepare the game materials, the game session and the debriefing in any language.

The Nexus Game may be applied in the context of organizational change, education or capacity building.

Benefits from the workshops
based on our simulation

engage participants in an experience that feels real

improve their communication and cooperation skills

let them exercise negotiation skills

build trust among participants

help them listen to others and explore a problem from a number of perspectives

provide an opportunity to observe an issue in a system

encourage users to recognize all stakeholders interdependence

assist them in achieving a consensus and arrive at a shared vision

reach their creative potential and come up with unexpected solutions

offer space for self-reflection

enable participants to acquire information in action and learn faster

trigger motivation for positive changes in real life


Describe your specific needs in detail so that we can prepare an optimal offer for you.

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